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Well, first i would like to introduce myself: My name is Marta, but my friends call me just Marti. I'm a great Cynthia Kirchner fan and a webdesigner. I made this website for Cynthia and Cynthia's fans. Please don't forget to sign our guestbook! Here you will find many things about Cynthia, lots of extra rare photos, you can read news and also here is a forum, which Cynthia often visits to. She promised she will try to answer to all of your questions to her. So feel free to ask anything from her. Now some words about Cynthia.... Surely everyone remember for the Modelflat's blond beauty, Cynthia. She started modeling when Modelflat started, but now she works at many agencies. Her modeling agencies are: New York- Marilyn, Los Angeles- Nous, Paris- Marilyn, London- Premier, Spain - View, Italy- Beatrice. She travels a lot but she enjoys modeling. She is very talented and beautiful, and lovely. If you want to write to Cynthia, you can send your letter to: cynthia@cynthiakirchner.com. Enjoy the site!

With Love: Marti Valentinyi (webmaster)




- 18 January 2007.-

Cynthia on Myspace


- 1st January 2006.-

Watch Video
Watch a video about Cynthia:
(in "Recent Videos", just click on the first video...)

- 17th June 2005.-

New Photos Added
3 New photo-bunch added to the photos section (Cosmopolitan, Modelflat and Marylin Agency photos). To view the photos:

Click Here!

- 17th June 2005.-

I got my webdesigner diplome!!!
I finished my school in Eger and i got my diplome!!! Now i am an electronical graphicer (& webdesigner) officially!!! I have official paper of it! If anyone need a website, just write me, i create websites for cheap prizes!
/Marti - the webmaster/

- 31st March 2005.-

New Photo Added
I've made a new layout for the site, and added a sexy photo to the photos section. To view the photo:

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- 14th January 2005.-

Cynthia's New Campaign
Here is a link to Cynthia's New Campaign:

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- 14th January 2005.-

New Domain
Hence you can reach this site from:

Maybe it's easier to memorising than the old one. A Big Thank to Cynthia, becouse she bought the domain name (.net) for my site!

- 31st December 2004.-

Signed Pictures
Cynthia offered some signed pictures. If you want to have a signed picture from Cynthia, please send your postal adress to: cynthia@cynthiakirchner.com

- 8th December 2004.-

New Photos
I've added some new extra sexy photos and finished a new layout for the website.